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Water Research Fair


31 December 2016


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The President of Sana’a University Prof. Fawzi Hammoud Al-Saghir opened the events of the  “Water Researches and Studies Outcomes Fair” at the Water and Environment Centre (WEC), which was held in December 2016 27-28. Many people participated in the opening of the Researches Fair: Dr. Abdul Wahid Al-Hamdi, General Director of Irrigation Sector, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Abdullah Al-Shami, Vice President of Sana’a University for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Majdi Aklan, Assistant Chief of Sana’a University for Centers, Dr.  AbdulWahab Al-Weshali, as well as a number of officials and specialists from various sectors of water governmental and non-governmental organizations and representatives of some international organizations.

The fair aims to share the outcomes of researches and studies of water with the related authorities to support them in decision-making, and provide consultative environment and atmosphere of constructive debate between researchers and those interested to enrich their minds trends and different methodologies for research, and to achieve an intellectual affinity between the respective personnel serve to unify the visions towards addressing the issues of water ways in Yemen.

The exhibition included many events, including presentations using posters contain summaries of the results of researches and studies of water, as well as a number of lectures on researches and studies carried out by the government sectors such as the Yemeni Center for Remote Sensing of the Ministry of Communications and the Authority for Agricultural and international research such as the FAO and the company MetaMeta Dutch results in addition to the students water and environmental Research Center program Graduate Diploma / master of integrated water resources management and Studies Center, such as the study of the impact of the aggression on the sectors of water, sanitation and public health.


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