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Training Program
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Training Program

In brief

The WEC has successfully developed short-courses and implemented trainings since its establishment in 1999. Yemen’s water sector organizations have identified several short course topics with regard to both knowledge and skill development, and over the years the WEC has successfully been able to respond to this demand. For the short-courses the WEC draws upon the highly skilled staff of the WEC as well as its affiliated staff within Sana’a University. WEC constantly reflects on the content of offered courses and the needs in the water sector.
The WEC also has a complete array of education and research facilities available on its premises to support the short-courses including laboratory facilities (field equipment), fully equipped computer rooms with RS/ GIS software, an extensive library and several lecture rooms.


Short Training Courses

WEC offers a selection of short-courses for Yemen’s water sector organizations including both knowledge and skill development. Short-courses are meant for practitioners and professionals working at public (governmental/ and non-governmental) and private organisations in the fields of water and water resources, sanitation, and environmental management. The courses are demand driven, and practice oriented. The WEC can draw on a long list of courses that have been given in the past and is capable of tailoring training to the specific needs and requirement of individuals or organisations. Underneath are listed the current short-courses available at the WEC. A full list of all the short-courses given is also available.


List of WEC Short Training Courses

1.    Introduction to Water , Sanitation , Health and Hygiene (WASH)
2.    Quality management course and ISO 14001 applications in water and environment projects
3.    Implement the DSS program for water resources and  Environment  planning.
4.    Integrate occupational health and safety management systems and environmental management system
5.    Medical waste , hazardous substances and health prevention methods
6.    Managing crises and environmental disasters
7.    Surface and groundwater water and protection from pollution
8.    Standard analyzes of pollutants in drinking water and sanitation
9.    Methods of treatment of industrial effluents
10.  Modern methods for treatment of solid and liquid wastes
11.   Environmental assessment of engineering projects
12.   Management of solid waste and waste
13.   Planning for environmental emergencies
14.   Modeling water distribution networks
15.   Maintenance of water and sewage networks
16.   Treatment of liquid wastes in isolated areas
17.    The use of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing in the management and protection of water resources
18.     Greywater and water harvesting
19.     Water, environmental sanitation and communication for the development and development of rural water projects,
20.     Environmental sanitation course
21.      Environmental Planning and Pollution Control Course
22.      Analysis of the economic effects of nvironmental problems
23.      Environmental impact assessment in water and environment projects
24.      Environmental planning system using GIS
25.      Integrated Environmental and Health Protection Systems
26.      Waste Management
27.       Integrating the Occupational Safety and Health Management System and the Environmental Management System
28.       Effective practice in environmental monitoring
29.       The cycle of environmental legislation
30.       Course of medical waste and hazardous materials and methods of health protection thereof
31.        Course of the mechanism for the application of environmental legislation
32.        Integrated Environmental Management System course
33.        Pollution control and environmental inspection course
34.        Course on Modern Concepts of Environmental Safety
35.        Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health) course
36.        Course on the safe use of pesticides
37.        Course of modern methods of environmental balance and sustainability
38.        Course of standard analyzes of pollutants in drinking water and sanitation
39.        Course of modern technologies for groundwater treatment
40.        Course of design of wastewater treatment plants
41.         Course of modeling use to study the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants
42.         Maintenance of water and sewage networks
43.         Course design methods for industrial wastewater treatment plants
44.         Course of modeling of biological waste treatment plants.
45.         Environmental Surveying Skills Course
46.         Air pollution control techniques course
47.         Planning of environmental emergencies
48.         Course of modern methods in the treatment of rubbish cities
49.         ​​Course on the effects of environmental pollutants on public health
50.          Course of engineering protection of the water environment from pollution
51.           Course of Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001


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