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Training Program

In brief

The WEC has successfully developed short-courses and implemented trainings since its establishment in 1999. Yemen’s water sector organizations have identified several short course topics with regard to both knowledge and skill development, and over the years the WEC has successfully been able to respond to this demand. For the short-courses the WEC draws upon the highly skilled staff of the WEC as well as its affiliated staff within Sana’a University. WEC constantly reflects on the content of offered courses and the needs in the water sector.
The WEC also has a complete array of education and research facilities available on its premises to support the short-courses including laboratory facilities (field equipment), fully equipped computer rooms with RS/ GIS software, an extensive library and several lecture rooms.


Short Training Courses

WEC offers a selection of short-courses for Yemen’s water sector organizations including both knowledge and skill development. Short-courses are meant for practitioners and professionals working at public (governmental/ and non-governmental) and private organisations in the fields of water and water resources, sanitation, and environmental management. The courses are demand driven, and practice oriented. The WEC can draw on a long list of courses that have been given in the past and is capable of tailoring training to the specific needs and requirement of individuals or organisations. Underneath are listed the current short-courses available at the WEC. A full list of all the short-courses given is also available.


List of WEC Short Trainings Courses (2016)

Package A 1 Entrance to AutoCAD 2D
2 Methods to Estimate IWR
3 Modern Irrigation Design Using AutoCAD
4 Landscape Design 1
5 Landscape Design 2
6 Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Modern Irrigation Techniques**
Package B 1 Fundamentals for GIS
2 GIS for Water and Environment Studies
3 Integrated Application of GIS and Google Earth
Package C 1 How to be Active in Environment Conservation**
2 Rationing of Water Consumptions 1**
3 Rationing of Water Consumptions 2**
4 Gender Aspects in Water and Environment**
5 Using Renewable Energy in a Water and Environment Context**
Package D 1 English for Water and Environment Professionals
2 Improving Your Research Skills
3 Feasibility Study Preparation for Water and Environment Projects
4 Water and Environment Project Management
Package E 1 Wastewater Characteristics and its  Role in the Operation of Treatment Plants**
2 Wastewater Collection Systems**
3 Wastewater Management**
4 Wastewater Treatment Systems**
5 Sanitation Inside and Outside Buildings**
6 Rural Water Supply Projects:
Operation and Maintenance ( O&M )**
7 Design, Operation and Maintenance of Rural Wastewater Treatment Technologies Using Simplified Computer Programs**
8 Decentralized Awareness Program on Wastewater Management**
9 Managing Unaccounted for Water ( UFW )**
Package F 1 Water Resources Management**
2 Wadi Hydrology and Hydro-geology**
3 Introduction to Integrated Water Resources Management ( IWRM )**
Package G 1 Floodwater Harvesting and Spate Irrigation
2 Rainwater Harvesting Projects:
Awareness, Operation and Maintenance
3 Rainwater and Floodwater Harvesting for Domestic and Agricultural Purposes
4 Dams: Design, Rehabilitation, Management, and Operation
Package H 1 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ( ESIA )**
2 ESIA Case Studies for Different Sectors**
3 Environmental Management Plan**
4 Terms of Reference ( TOR ) and Review for ESIA Studies**
Package I 1 Groundwater Fundamentals**
2 Groundwater Modeling ( Introduction )**
3 Groundwater Modeling ( Advanced )**
4 Supervising Drilling**
Package J 1 Community Mobilization, Management and Awareness Creation**
2 Operation and Maintenance of Dams’ and Farms’ Structures for Water User Associations
( WUAs )**
3 Operation and Maintenance of Modern Irrigation Network Systems for WUAs**
4 Socioeconomic Surveys**
Package K 1 Water Quality Control**
2 Hydro Chemistry and Water Quality**