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Training course on (GLM1010 – ISO 14001 Environment Management System (EMS)


25 July 2017


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Held on Tuesday 25/7/2017 at the Water and the Environment Center Training course on (GLM1010 – ISO 14001 Environment Management  System (EMS) .

Learning outcome contains definition of Identify various requirements of ISO 14000, Plan for ISO 14000 implementation , Write EMS documents.

Also contains: Environment, health and safety, Pollution, Waste reduction, Safety and healthy at work

Overview of ISO 14001standards ,Key definition, PDCA cycle, Concerns relating to ISO 14001, Planning and Implementation ISO 14001,Identify environment aspect, Material identification approach ,Environment management programs,  Emergency preparedness and responds, ISO 14000 Documentation ,Structure of  ISO 14000 documentation, Standerizing EMS document, Integration with quality systems, Legal Requirements, Environment Quality Act 1974, Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994,Factories and Machinery Act 1976…est.