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Pilot Research


21 February 2016


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Pilot Researches


Researcher Research Topic
Dr. Fadhl Al-Nozaily

Dr. Abdulla Tahish

Eng. Abdulwahab Salah

Phytoremediation By Some Plants To Clean Polluted Soil With Heavy Metals in Bani Al- Harith- Sana’a
Dr. Abdulla Noaman

Dr. Mansuor Haidera

Dr. Mohamed Mareea

Eng. Abdullah Al- Saidi

Rainwater Harvesting from Rooftop in Urban Areas, Case study: Sana’a City
Dr. Abdulwali Alsharjbe,

Dr. Abdulla Noaman

Eng. Jamil Ali

Using Distilled Water from Thermal Power Plants as an Additional Source for Drinking Water (Al-Heswa Power Station Plant)
Dr. Ahamed Al-Tawki

Eng. Abdulwahab Salah

Evaluation of the Current and Potential Wastewater Reuse, A pilot plant at Sana’a WWTP
Dr. Sharafaddin Saleh

Dr. Al-khteeb Al-kibsi

Dr. Ahmad Al-Derwish

Eng. Khalid Albar

3R manual for Sana’a Basin, 3R Rainwater Harvesting Case Study: Sana’a Basin (Al-Saylah)
Dr. Sharafaddin Saleh

Dr. Abdullah Maswari,

Dr. Fadhl Al-Nozaily

Eng. Mohamed Al-Abyadh

Analysing Rain Water Harvesting and Groundwater Recharge Potential from Roads in Yemen, its Social and Economic Benefits on Local, Regional and National Scale A Case Study of Wadi Al-Ahjar, as Part of Al-Mahweet Road
Dr. Bilkis Zabara

Dr. Abdulbari Ahmad

Production, Optimization and Characterization of Activated Carbon Derived from Sewage Sludge for Adsorption of Pesticides from Wastewater


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