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MSc Research


21 February 2016


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List of MSc. Researches (1999 -2014)

Research Topic
Crop Water Productivity from the Field Level to the National Scale within the IWRM Framework, Case study: Qa’a Jahran
Analysing the Potential of Roof Rainwater Harvesting System for Water Supply in Manaka Town and Surrounding Area
Assessment of the October 24th 2008 Flood in Wadi Doan, Hadramout Towards Realization of IWRM
Assessing Ground Water Recharge Potential in Wadi Zabid and its Impact on Supplementary Irrigation of Crops in Spate Irrigation Areas
Assessment of Sources of Elevated Nitrate in Groundwater in Wadi Siham within IWRM Perspective
Assessment of Water Resources Situation of Ghayl Bawazir Area in Hadramout Governorate from IWRM Perspective with Special Emphasis on Indigenous Traditional Practices
Evaluation of the Benefits of Hammam Ali’s Thermal Springs and their Sustainability from IWRM Perspectives
The Health and Socioeconomic Impacts of Silver Impregnated Ceramic Filters in Four Villages in Amran Governorate
Water User’s Associations Evolution & Strengthening in Spate Areas within IWRM Approach, Case Study : Wadi Zabid – Tihama Plain
Assessing Climate Change Trend and its Effects on Field Crop Water Requirements and Productivities, Dhamar as a Case Study
Assessment of Introducing Water Saving Irrigation Technologies for Sustaining and Enhancing Crop Production in Jahran Area
Exploitation of Rainfall and Treated Wastewater as Alternatives for Groundwater Use in Sana’s Basin
Evaluating the potential of Road Rainwater Harvesting in Yemen, A case study of   the Maghrabah Manakah Bab Bahil Road, Sana’a Governorate
The Impact of Al-Azraqain Landfill on the Vicinity Groundwater Quality within IWRM Perspective
Integrated Disposal Water Management in Oil Production, Case Study: Block 14 Al-Masila
Assessment of Seawater Desalination as an Option for Augmenting Municipal Water Supply Ta’iz City and Integrating It into the Water Cycle
Assessment of Water Demand Management in Wadi Hadhramaut Using IWRM Perspective, Case Study: Tarim Area
Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management in Water Projects in Rural Areas in Al-Mahweet Governorate, Case Study: Yelaan, Sawaan, and Al-Dahabisha Villages
Integrated Water Quality Management and its Impact on the Population of Mawyah
Wastewater Reuse in Irrigation through Applying the IWRM Concept, Effluent of Sana’a Treatment Plant as a Case Study
The Impact of Sana’a Waste Water Treatment Plant on the Drinking Water Quality in Bani Al-Harith District /Sana’a City
Water Demand Management in Sana’a through applying the IWRM Concepts, Impact and Constraints of Grey Water Reuse in Agriculture at Sana’a City
Integrated Watershed Management for a Small Catchment within Sana’a Basin


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