Water & Environment Centre (WEC) | P.O. Box 13886 Sana’a University | Ma’een Office | Sana’a Yemen

Maintained Websites


23 February 2016


Madiha Kamal


WEC consists of two main data stores for both hard and soft copies of WEC’s documents; the websites that the centre manages or maintains, and the library. These two main data stores ensure the availability of information to all researchers, study groups and knowledge seekers. All projects, researches, thesis papers, training materials, etc. are stored in hard and soft archives available at the WEC facilities, building and information facilities.


The Websites

WEC hosts a large Water and Environment documents repository, www.yemenwater.org, with 1000+ documents in the various fields. WEC also coordinates and contributes to the Yemen Spate Network, which is part of the http://spate-irrigation.org. WEC also takes part in the Irrigation System Data Platform http://portal.hydronet.com/, with rainfall and evapotranspiration data (developed together with Eleaf, HydroLogic).

This online data-storing method enables the various internet users with the different educational and professional backgrounds to friendly interact with and benefit from the documents which are frequently uploaded and updated while being fed to those websites. The online visitors will find it interesting to dig deep into the different sections and menus of each website; while being able to explore a number of specialized documents related to water and environment; varying between maps, videos, images, researches, reports,… etc. Local practices in the water sector are also found in the websites as well as the programs and the events held at WEC.