Water & Environment Centre (WEC) | P.O. Box 13886 Sana’a University | Ma’een Office | Sana’a Yemen

Information Database Unit (IDBU)


10 January 2016


Website manager

Information facilities

The WEC has developed and a wide range of openly accessible facilities that will allow practitioners, students and researchers and general public alike, with ample opportunity to knowledge and information. The WEC has developed the following:

  • Library with contemporary as well as historical books, scientific journals and manuals
  • Online repository website, yemenwater.org with over a 1000 publications, documents and maps
  • Irrigation System Data Platform portal.hydronet.com, with rainfall and evapotranspiration data (developed together with Eleaf, HydroLogic)

The WEC can also offer information and analytical services through its geographic information system (GIS)/ Remote Sensing (RS) computer lab as well as its fully equipped Eater and Sanitary Laboratory.



1- Water Quality. 

1- Environment Impact Assessment.

2- Water Resource. 

2- Air.

3- Water Uses.

3- Water.

4- Water Management.

4- Soil.

5- Desalination.

6- Sanitation and Hygiene.

7- Governance, Policies and laws.

8- Socio – Economy.

9- Water Harvesting.

10- Water and Climate Change.

11- Water and GIS / RS.