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21 February 2016


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Intelligent Technology (RS/GIS)

WEC has established a Remote Sensing (RS) & Geographic Information System (GIS) Unit as a new unit, which has been created at WEC for many purposes. The unit is specialized in analyzing and interpreting the data and information such as satellite images. Also, the unit deals with many problems and issues in different trends such as the water, agriculture and environment sectors. It has a capability to develop and produce many kinds of maps of different scales and purposes. Furthermore, the unit provides, for the customers as well as the researches and post graduate students, advices and scientific solutions to solve many problems encountered in the field.

The GIS/RS Unit has a training class room which is very well equipped with PCs and software. The class room can be used for teaching the postgraduate students, training, giving technical skills for the technicians and other individuals, and supporting the academic staff with the newest technologies as possible.

The GIS/RS Unit offers different types of support for their clients, such as maps, imageries, data of different kinds as well as technical support and scientific advices and ideas. Additionally, the unit carries out a training courses in RS and GIS topics for beginners and advanced technical issues.



A computer laboratory with the infrastructure to support access to spatial datasets exists at the WEC. The GIS-lab provides students and staff with 20 computers equipped with modern GIS– software (ArcGIS 9.2 + Tools). The lab is also equipped with facilities to process hardcopies (scanner) and to produce maps, posters, etc. (plotter). The GIS lab offers data access especially to water and water management related topics. Data includes well inventories, Yemen-wide infrastructure, surface elevation, rainfall, satellite imagery, land use, etc. Moreover the lab offers a wide range of training material, instructions on how to create, use and analyze spatial data sets and several GIS– related publications. Basic and advanced courses using mainly Yemeni data have been developed and are part of the MSc curriculum. They are conducted as separate tailor made courses.


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Stay alert for our GIS different-level training courses announced on our website.