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Feasibility Study of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant for Operating 50% of SWW


20 May 2017


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Due to the shortage in supply of diesel in Yemen resulted from the recent unrest in the country there have been shortage/unavailability of diesel needed for generating power from Diesel Generators (DG) for operating SWWTP. This resulted in stopping the treatment plant which caused an environmental and health problem. SWSLC contracted WEC to prepare a feasibility study for installing a PV power plant to operate 50% of SWWTP plant to help them in taking the appropriate decision and secure the necessary fund from international donor.  Three PV power plants alternatives have been developed. One hybrid diesel PV and two stand-alone alternatives have been suggested. The diesel PV system will allow the load to be fed partially by the PV and DG without need for expensive battery storage. The first standalone PV will have all PV modulus connected together to 2000 kW inverter to be connected to the 3.3 kV bus bar. The second one will consists of two separate PV system each with its own PV modules and storage batteries and connected directly to the loads. All the three alternatives have been analyzed using the Canadian Analysis Package RETScreen. And the results were discussed in this report. All the three alternatives will provide  a good energy source that will reduce the dependency on the availability of diesel and reduce the CO2 considerably. The technical and financial analysis showed that alternative one (hybrid diesel PV system) is the most appropriate one. Moreover, It is worth mentioning that the study team have communicated  with  big  companies in Holland to get offers to the three alternatives in this study. The offer included a technology called “SORPA” which can be applied in synchronizing several power sources together. This option will facilitate the utilization of the biogas as a power source in the future when the upgrade of the SWWTP  is implemented applying digesters to produce the biogas. Therefore, applying the solar system of this proposal is considered as a complementary energy to the biogas where both are environmentally friendly.