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Award of late Prof. Abdullah Saleh Babaqi for Scientific Research in Water Science field


18 March 2017


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About the Award:

In honor of the late Prof. Abdullah Saleh Babaqi and in appreciation of his scientific history and outstanding academic contribution at Sana’a University. and his great role as a Director of  Water and Environment Center,  The management of  Water and Environment Center – Sana’a University adopts an annual competition to select the best scientific research in the field of water science starting in 2017, That funded by Meta Meta(( the Dutch project representative)).

Purpose of the award:

The award aims to promote the role of scientific research and innovation in finding solutions to the issues of water in Yemen and raise awareness in the areas of water resource management.

Award value:

The prize value of the winning research is (YR 500,000) delivered to the researcher or researchers.

Rules and Conditions of the Competition:

1-The researcher / the researchers should be Yemeni.

2- The results of the research should be applicable and contribute to find a realistic solution that addresses the problem of Yemen’s water crisis both quantitatively and qualitatively.

3- The research should be written scientifically..

4 The research has not been funded by any other party or has been awarded any prize or has been published.

5- The research can be in one of the two languages (Arabic or English), provided that the research includes a summary in both languages..

6- The research should not be related directly or indirectly to any of the researchers or academics working in the Center.

7- More than one researcher can participate in a single research work.

8- The researcher shall not be entitled to submit more than one research.

The competition mechanism:

The activity Delivery mechanism Delivery Time
Declare the desire and registration for the award, and submit the title of the research and send the CV. Fill in the application below


Send CV. by e-mail


8 – 22/4/2017
Submitting the research summary By e-mail




Announcing the accepted research summaries to compete for the prize Uploaded on the award page


3 – 10/5/2017
Submitting the research By e-mail


11 – 19/5/

Selection mechanism of winning research:

The committee reviews the advanced research, makes a distinction between them and raises the result of the differentiation, and clarifies its recommendations regarding the candidate’s research, and the reasons for the selection indicating the extent to which the research meets the conditions of the competition to the academic committee.

Academic Committee:

The committee is responsible for the general supervision of the award and the announcement of the result and consists of:

  • Nasser Al-Aolaqi                               Chairman of the Committee
  • AbdulKareem Al-Subari                  Member
  • Naif Abo Lohom                                Member
  • Adel M. Al-Weshali                          Member

Trade-off committee:

The Committee makes a distinction between the advanced research of the award and the select the successful research and submits it to the Supervisory Committee and consist of:

  • Fadhl Ali Al-Nozaili                          Chairman of the Committee
  • Abraham Mehari                               Member
  • Sharafaddin A. Saleh                        Member
  • Bilkis Zabarh                                      Member