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A scientific trip for the students of the diploma program of integrated water resources management


20 May 2017


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The moving from the WEC started on Tuesday 16 May, 2017, at 8:30 A.M with Dr. Fadhl Al-Nuzaili, Dr. Sharafaddin Abdullah, Mr. Ismail Abdulwahab and the IWRM students. The visit was to Sana’a Sewage Treatment Plant so that the students would know the working mechanism of the plant then they would go to Makhtan and Messaibeh dams in Sana’a.

The arriving time to the Plant was at 9:30 A.M which is located near the airport _ Bani Alhareth district _ the students were led by Eng. Farooq and Dr. Fadhl in a tower to know the station’s components, the way they work and its lab’s components. The students knew the Plant’s condition after the last circumstances (the war) and the difficulties which the Plant has faced. Furthermore, the students saw many out of service equipment.

When the team finished the tower, they headed to Mokhtan and Mossaibieh dams in Mokhtan village _ Bani Hoshaish district_ Sana’a city. The arriving time was at 12:00 p.m. , the team went to the top of Mokhtan dam ( Rock fill dam) where Dr. Sharaf led the team. He had explained the dam’s effects to the environmental system in the valley and the dam’s parts. After that, the team moved to Mossaibieh ( gravity dam) which is 200 meters northern Mokhtan dam where Dr. Sharaf clarified the effects of the dam to the environmental system in the valley and the impacts of establishing these kind of dams to the area.

Finally, the team finished the dams’ visit and went to Al-Dhohr pray. After ensuring that the goals of the whole visit were achieved , the whole team went back to the WEC.